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USB Webcam -14%
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USB Webcam

This USB webcam is not going to put GoPro out of business anytime soon, but a webcam with these features for under ten dollars is an amazing bargain.

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Gaming Mouse -40%
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Gaming Mouse

An awesome price for a fierce six button optical gaming mouse. While we call it a gaming mouse, it can of course be used for all your ‘mousy’ needs. It is stylish, it is hip, it is sleek. It has cool led lighting.

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Wingman shot glass
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Wingman shot glass

Enjoy a shot of your favorite liquid with the help of a friend. The wingman shot glass is two shot glasses connected together. You and your comrade can imbibe at the same time. Great party gift!

Spin the shot party game -44%
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Spin the shot party game

If you are young, young at heart or like me – have children in their twenties then we’ve found the gizmo for you. The Barbuzzo spin the shot system. Put a shot on top, spin the arrow, and well you know what happens after that. Looks pretty cool and should be a lot of fun at a party or even as a conversation starter ...

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Dipr Cookie Spoon -11%
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Dipr Cookie Spoon

Have you ever experienced the horror of dipping your cookie in a glass of milk only for it to slip from your grasp and slowly sink to the bottom of the glass like DiCaprio in Titanic? If so then you know how this can easily ruin your day, your week, or heaven forbid – your life.

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Get your own fucking tools sticker
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Get your own fucking tools sticker

Got one of those annoying neighbors that is too cheap to buy his own tools and figures you are a free rental shop? Stick one of these bad boys on your tool chest and the next time he comes begging, just point at the sign and shrug. Hey, if it’s a written policy, you can’t break it, right?

Bacon Bandages -17%
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Bacon Bandages

If you are going to injure yourself anyways, you might as well do it with the style and flair that comes with any bacon type item. Hopefully you are considerate enough to injure yourself in a location where everyone around you can enjoy the wonderful and fulfilling view of your bacon wrapped skin gash.

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Adjustable Measuring Cup
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Adjustable Measuring Cup

I’m the first one to admit that I cannot cook. Or bake. Or be in a kitchen in general. But I think if I had a cool gadget like this, I could easily be on the Food Network by this time next year. Right?

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Dashboard Jesus -27%
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Dashboard Jesus

Why this product was ever made, or why we ever decided to add it to this site, only – well you know – knows.I wonder if Carrie Underwood has one of these on the dash of her car?It is probably not a good idea to take this dash ornament with you on your next tour through the middle East. Just saying…..

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Weener Kleener soap -18%
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Weener Kleener soap

It's mine and I'll wash it as much as I want. Said anyone with this awesome soap.Great gag gift for many occasions! Know someone newly single or someone you would just like to embarrass the heck out of in front of all your friends?

$9.99 $11.99 Buy it Now
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