Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Car Exhaust Whistle PrankThis car exhaust whistle is a fun little prank to try on someone.  Insert this whistle into someone’s tailpipe and as soon as they give the car some gas, it will start whistling like crazy. It is mean but it is fun.  That’s what pranks are all about, right?

Do this prank on someone you love or someone you despise, it doesn’t really matter.  Or give it to someone as a gift who you know will appreciate it’s humor value.  Just make sure they sign a legal document that they don’t pull the prank on you.

It is cheap, it is easy and it is fun.  Do I need to say more?


Great gag!

It’s NOT the loud whistle as much as the LOOK on “the victim”. It was pulled on ME!
I was scared there was SOMETHING mechanically wrong with my car.
I shut the car off and raised the hood to see if something was wrong.
I turned the key on —– without starting the motor —– to look at the gauges: NOTHING.
I started the car up and there’s that Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! noise again.
I walked to the back of the car, and noticed the “foreign” item stickin’ in the end of my exhaust pipe.
I felt MUCH better… until I noticed a friend laughing his butt off father down the street.
Joke on ME!
Great gag.
My tailpipe is kinda big. The device looks a bit fragile, so if you need to bend the wings back a bit,
do it carefully. I’m GLAD the metal wasn’t thicker. Easy to remove, is what I’m trying to get across…
and K=I=N=D=E=R than the [old] raw potato gag!

They work!

Did the trick and will fit any tailpipe that I can see. Just bend them out and stick it in there. Pressure will keep it in. It whistled when gas was applied, not a idle which made it more fun to watch (driver kept putting on brakes and gas to hear!). Kind of sounded like something from the Jetson’s!

get even

great for getting even for that special someone who always parks in your spot.
I couldn’t stop laughing when they drove away.

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