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Two layer shot glass

two part shot glassThese would be awesome at any adult party.  2.5 ounces of chaser in the bottom, topped off by 1.5 ounces of your favorite alcohol on top.

Made of sturdy plastic, these reusable shot glasses will be the hit of the party.  Each set comes with four shot glasses, so order accordingly depending on how many drunks oops… I mean friends you have.



Good quality and fun! 

I thought I would give these a shot (pun intended!) since I have three brothers who do nothing but Jagerbombs. I was very please when these arrived. They are a good sturdy plastic that should hold up for a long time, much thicker than I anticipated.

I am going to a concert this weekend and these will be worked hard. Of course I had to try it to make sure it works before the concert (I bought 12 of these, do you think I should try each one to make sure they all work?) When you drink from these, as soon as you tip them up, the bottom (bigger bowl of mix) rushes into the smaller bowl, almost shoots the shot into your mouth! just the right quantity and mix, tip it once and its gone.

Buy and enjoy!

Makes it so much easier to drink! 

These shot glasses are a must have. The unique design keeps your shot on top and the chaser on the bottom, so you get none of that nasty burn as you’re drinking. But be careful, you’ll want to take one right after another. I previously owned a set of glass quaffers like these, and prefer glass. These are plastic but are sturdy and I feel safe putting them in the dishwasher. An added bonus is they will not break when dropped.

It’s a quaffer 

Best shot glass ever, you can have the nastiest of hard alcohol on top and won’t feel the taste with a good chaser on the bottom. Combinations with beer (or other carbonated drinks) as the chaser work as long as the beer doesn’t bubble up – that ruins the separation.

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