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Strawberry Slicer

strawberry slicerNothing like some freshly sliced strawberries on your morning cereal or granola.  And they taste even better when they are not covered in blood from your freshly sliced finger.

If you or someone you know loves fresh sliced strawberries and doesn’t have the coordination or patience to slice them on their own, then this is the tool for you.

Super sharp blades (not wires), closely spaced for even and thin slices, letting you savor the flavor of this wonderful fruit.  Top ratings for build quality, usefulness and value.



They were so happy to have had them 

Bought 2 of these. I loaned them to my friends to cut a lot of strawberry’s for our Valentines day dinner and Dance desert of Strawberry Short cake for 100 people. They were so happy to have had them. They worked beautifully and cut their time in more than half.

Five Stars 

Works great strawberries look perfectly sliced

Strawberry Slicer 

I bought each of my sisters these strawberry slices. One sister does a lot of baking and uses chopped strawberries as design media and this cuts a lot of time chopping the strawberries when she is doing a lot at one time. My other sister just likes strawberries and it’s easier for her to chop her strawberries with this little gadget. Just something small to keep in the kitchen that isn’t really needed, but is something that is good to have if you eat a lot of strawberries. I haven’t personally used it yet, however they have and they both like it. According to them, it slices pretty easily…and works just how it’s suppose to.

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