Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some of your products show a price range rather than the exact price?

We search the internet and find cool stuff to list on here all the time.  Sometimes we put a price range rather than the exact price when we find it because…. ummmm…. well, quite frankly we are a bit lazy.  If the site that sells the product changes their price, then we have to change the price on our site too.  So we put in a rough range of pricing so we can do things that we enjoy more, like finding more cool stuff to add to the site, or watching Justin Bieber videos.  Just kidding about that last one, we are not that weird!

Why are some of your products over ten dollars?

At the time the product is added to our site, the price was ten dollars or less.  Prices fluctuate and sometimes jump above ten dollars.  We try to remove products from our site that aren’t in our price range but sometimes we miss a few or haven’t gotten to it yet.  If you happen to find a product on our site higher than ten dollars, feel free to contact us and we will get it removed right away.

I found a cool product that would be good on your site.  Can I send the link to you?

Abso-fricking-lutely!  (That means yes).  We love it when our devoted visitors send us links to new and fun things.  And since we didn’t have to find it ourselves, it gives us more time to watch more Justin Bieber videos.  Curse you.  Use our contact page to send us the info and we’ll take it from there.  And if you want to be forever worshipped on the world wide web, let us know if you’d like credit for the find – we’re happy to list your name or nickname in the product listing.

I have a product I’d like you to review on your site.  Do you do this?

Absolutely.  If you would like to send us a sample to do a review, please contact us.  Here are some rules on reviews:

  • The product must retail for $10 or less since that’s kinda our thing here.  If you want to send us expensive stuff, that’s cool with us – it just won’t get listed on our site. So yeah.
  • Contact us with information on your product before shipping to us so we can make sure it fits our criteria for review.
  • Samples sent to us will NOT be returned.
  • We do not guarantee a positive review on your product. While we always try to be positive in our outlook, we maintain unbiased reviews.
  • We do not accept payment for guarantee of a positive review.
  • Your product must be available for sale on the internet or have an informational page/website that we can link to.  We make no guarantees of a dofollow link.
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