Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

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Way back when these were called “space blankets” and cost a small fortune. Now these mylar blankets are inexpensive and there is no excuse to not have these ...

Emergency Food Rations

$8.64 $9.50

If lost or stranded in the wilderness, emergency food rations can be the difference between life and death while waiting for rescue.

Helping Hand magnifier

$4.99 $8.50

The Helping Hand magnifier is an amazingly useful tool for anyone who works with small items and needs not only a helping hand but be able to see small parts ...

I would love love love to work in the purchasing department of some company and be lucky enough to have this when someone requisitioned something like a new ...

You know you want to say it. Now you can with this official “Not My Job” self-inking rubber stamp.Imagine the look on a coworkers face when you hand them ...

We feature a number of great tools for the mechanic in your life on this site and none is more useful when it’s really need than this telescoping magnetic pick ...

Having a party and want to include shots in the mix?Then the Big Bad-Ass Book of Shots is the must-have book. This big book of shots is just that – over ...

Fender Cover

$9.99 $10.99

For the backyard mechanic in your life. This Powerbuilt fender cover is made to cover and protect fender from damage while working on a car.

Not the sexiest of gifts but anyone working with metal parts like nuts and bolts, wrenches, or even quilting needles would love this magnetic tray.

Tradesmen, DIY’ers and hobbyist will love this magnetic wristband.The concept is so simple yet so overlooked for so long.

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