Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

self stirring mugThe Self Stirring Mug is the ultimate lazy person gift.

Are you exhausted every time you have to stir your cream and sugar into your coffee or tea?  We hear you… We’ve even created a disease to describe this problem: CCSFS  or Chronic Coffee Stirring Fatigue Syndrome.  We figure if the big pharmaceuticals can make up stuff that never existed before, why can’t we?

But seriously (sort of), this self stirring mug is equipped with a small spinning blade in the bottom, powered by batteries.  Just press the button on the handle and your beverage will be stirred without you lifting a finger.

Lazy? Yes.  Cool? Absolutely.

This is the perfect gift for that someone you know that simply cannot operate in the morning without caffeine in their system.  We all know someone like that. Maybe it’s you.


Saved my life 

I can’t operate in the morning without coffee. Everything was fine until I moved out of my mom’s basement.  She used to pour and stir my coffee for me.  Now that I live on my own, I’ve realized how much energy is involved in stirring that first cup of coffee in the morning and some mornings I don’t have it in me so I just crawl back into bed and sleep for another ten hours or so.

The problem is that I don’t even have the energy to call in sick to work so I was close to losing my job.  Luckily, my mom bought me this self stirring mug so now I can make my own coffee in the morning and don’t have to worry about missing work.  My mom turned my old room into an exercise room so I don’t think she wants me to move back in.  Thankfully with this mug, I won’t have to.

Cute Gift 

I got this mug for my daughter who is the crankiest girl in the morning before having her coffee.  She actually uses it almost everyday and just loves it.  It is stupid and silly but that’s what makes it a fun gift.  It always puts a smile on her face watching her coffee stir itself.  Don’t think about putting it in the dishwasher, wash it by hand.

Great lazy person gift

I have a friend that is soooooo lazy in the morning it drives me nuts.  I’m a morning person and want to get moving and do stuff but he just sits around until his caffeine kicks in.  On a whim, I saw this mug and bought it as a gift for him.  He’s still lazy in the morning but at least now I can make fun of him.

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