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Shot Glass Ice Tray

Shot Glass Ice Tray

If you’re having a party, this is a fun way to do something different.

This ice cube tray makes perfectly formed shot glasses out of ice, fruit juice, gelatin, etc.

The tray is made from flexible food grade silicone so the details look great and are easy to remove once frozen.

Each tray makes four shot glasses so either start early and stock them up in your freezer or buy a few of the molds to speed up the process.


Use this all the time

I’m in college and we study party a lot.  I always make up a bunch of these shot glasses before the party and they are always a hit.  The guys usually go out in the driveway and take their shots and then smash the shot glasses on the ground.  Lots of fun.  Make sure that whatever you put in the shot glasses is fairly cold or it will start melting it quickly.  That’s what ice does.

Fun Novelty

These are always a hit at a party and love bringing them out.  If you’re quick enough and your booze is cold enough, you can easily get quite a few shots downed before it melts too much.  I find it too cold on my hands to hold for too long but there are always the tough guys at the party that want to show how long they can hold on.

It takes work

I notice a lot of people complaining that their frozen shot glasses don’t look as good as the pictures.  I boil the water and let it cool before pouring it in the mold.  That seems to get rid of most of the oxygen bubbles and they look a lot better.  Maybe not as good as the photos but close.


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