Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Door Stop AlarmPerfect for the traveler to use in their hotel room, or for a loved one that lives alone.

This battery operated door stop alarm has three sensitivity levels from low to high and has an ear piercing 120db alarm.

To use, simply turn the alarm wedge on and place behind the door on the floor.  If the door is opened, the wedge will depress, sounding the alarm.

It can also do double duty as a normal door stop to hold the door open by just having the alarm turned off.

Great value for great security and peace of mind.




I can’t believe how loud these things are! I have a big house and can hear it from the top floor at the back of the house.  Pretty cool!

Better Sleep

I live alone in not the best neighborhood and was always worried about someone breaking in while I sleep.  I got two of these – for my front and back door and sleep a lot more soundly now.  Just remember to move them or turn them off before you open the door – made that mistake a few times!

Cheap Alarm System

I can’t afford a home alarm system but wanted to feel safer in my apartment, especially when I’m sleeping.  This alarm makes me feel a lot better and it is so loud, it’s sure to wake up all my neighbors if someone tries to get in.


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