Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less


Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets
Under Ten Dollars

Welcome to our latest Top Ten List: Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets under Ten Dollars.  Here we round up what we think are some of the coolest and most useful kitchen tools you can find for a real bargain.  Looking for that perfect gift for that special someone but on a tight budget? You’ve come to the right place!  Without further ado, we present our top ten kitchen gadget list for 2019.

$ 8.99

Ravioli / Dumpling Maker

If you have never had homemade ravioli, you don’t know what you are missing.  It doesn’t matter how fresh it is from the store, homemade is just better.

But if you have ever tried to make ravioli at home before, chances are you’ll never do it again. Because it is a huge pain in the rear.

Now with this ravioli press, you can easily make tons of pasta at home quickly and easily. And for under ten dollars, this is a great bargain.

$ 5.83

Olive Oil Sprayer

It’s not difficult or expensive to start eating more healthy.  And this Olive oil mister is a great and inexpensive way to start.

Forget buying those expensive aerosol cans of oil, containing heaven only knows what.  With this Misto sprayer, just unscrew the lid, fill it with your best virgin olive oil and mist away just like it was coming out of a store bought can.

$ 8.74

Spoon Pot Clip

Tired of trying to find a spot for your stirring spoon? Tired of cleaning your counter from dirty spoons?

This pot clip for your spoon might be the answer. Made from high quality stainless steel with heat resistant food grade silicone coating, this pot clip will literally hold on any pot.

Perfect when preparing multiple items – grab a few spoon clips and never mix up your stirring spoons again.

$ 7.95

Strawberry Huller

Don’t you just love when strawberries are in season? And don’t you just hate cleaning them?

This simple, inexpensive and adorable strawberry huller to the rescue. Just insert the stainless steel claws into the top of the strawberry, give it a gentle twist and pop out the stem.  Fast and perfect hulling every time.

$ 4.35

Retriever Tongs

Forget those clumsy oven mitts or tea towel. The next time you have something hot to grab in the kitchen, just reach for a set of these retriever tongs and save your fingers from getting burnt.

These tongs are just the right size for keeping your hands away from any hot item and strong enough to pick up nearly any item you can think of.

The heads of the tongs are embedded with non-slip silicone pads, ensuring that whatever you pick up will stay securely.


And talk about a bargain – this price is for a pack of TWO sets of retriever tongs, so you can keep one for yourself and gift the other one to someone else!

$ 9.49

Vegetable Spiralizer

Healthy, simple and delicious. Oh and did we mention inexpensive as well?


The Spiral Slicer vegetable spiralizer can quickly and easily convert your vegetables into tasty treats. If you have never tried zucchini spaghetti, you are in for a treat.


This unit comes complete with cleaning brush, vegetable peeler and even a storage bag.  The blades are extra thick to give you nice clean cuts and minimize waste.  AND it’s dishwasher safe!

$ 7.99

Egg Yolk Separator

Do you like eating healthy? This egg yolk separator lets you easily make your favorite egg white omelet or just separate for any baking needs.


Simply break the egg into the separator and pour the egg white into a container.  Couldn’t be easier.


And let’s face it – this thing is just darn cute.

$ 10.99

Microwave Popcorn Maker

Have you ever read the ingredients on a bag of microwave popcorn?  If you have, chances are you won’t eat that stuff again.


This microwave popcorn popper is not only a healthier alternative to bagged microwave popcorn, but also much cheaper.


Made from food grade, heat resistant silicone, this popper is sure to last you for many years.  The popcorn maker is collapsible for easy storage and is also dishwasher safe. And it doubles as it’s own bowl to save on dishes!



$ 5.99

Meat Tenderizer

With 48 super sharp stainless steel blades, this meat tenderizer will make short work out of tenderizing even the toughest hunk of meat you can throw at it.


This highly rated tenderizer will penetrate the meat up to one inch, giving you these advantages:

  • Better Marinating
  • Quicker cooking time
  • Tender meat


Not only is this tenderizer very low priced, you’ll be able to buy cheaper cuts of meat and make them just as tender as more expensive ones, saving you even more money.

$ 8.99

R2 D2 Ice Cube Tray

What kitchen gadget top ten list would be complete without some cool if not somewhat silly item?

This ice cube tray will make five ice cubes in the shape of one of the most iconic Star Wars characters of all time.

These molds are highly detailed and made out of flexible food grade silicone, making it easy to remove the frozen characters. The mold can also be used to make chocolate casts, perfect for any kids party.

If you or someone you know is a Star Wars fan, this R2 D2 ice cube maker is a must buy.

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