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Illuminated Magnifier -58%
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Illuminated Magnifier

This magnified headset is a perfect gift for anyone you know that does hobbies or works in fine detail.  This magnifier fits snugly on most any head and is easily adjustable.Comes with 2 sets of lenses as well as a loupe lens.  These can be combined together to give magnification from 1.5 times all the way ...

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Meh Funny Mug -15%
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Meh Funny Mug

Tell them how you really feel with this hilarious mug.Are you one of those people that get up in the morning and just feel.... Meh?  Or maybe you know someone afflicted with MMS (Morning Meh Syndrome).Grab this cute and funny mug for yourself or anyone you know that is a Meh kinda person.Reviews ...

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Fender Cover -30%
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Fender Cover

For the backyard mechanic in your life. This Powerbuilt fender cover is made to cover and protect fender from damage while working on a car.

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Fastcap Glu-bot glue bottle
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Fastcap Glu-bot glue bottle

For any avid woodworker in your life, this Fastcap Glu-bot glue bottle is a GREAT gift idea.Not many people would think that a glue bottle design could make much of a difference in a hobby or trade but that couldn’t be further from the truth with the Glu-bot.

5 LED ball cap visor light -59%
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5 LED ball cap visor light

This LED Ball Cap Visor Light makes a perfect gift for tons of reasons. A tradesperson like electrician or plumber could use this to easily see hands-free in dark areas. A mechanic that needs to do an emergency repair on a car at night can do so without trying to hold a flashlight in their mouth. The possibilities ...

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WTF Notepad -17%
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WTF Notepad

Dealing with the public is fun frustrating. Anyone that has done it is glad they don’t have to anymore. Anyone that still does it – well, it sucks to be you. That's where the WTF notepad comes in.

$5.30 $6.50 Buy it Now
USB Desktop fan -33%
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USB Desktop fan

Getting the afternoon head bobs from the heat in your office? Cool down with this mini desktop fan powered from a USB port on your computer.

$6.79 $9.45 Buy it Now
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