Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

For the backyard mechanic in your life.  This  fender cover is made to cover and protect fender from damage while working on a car.

Made from durable vinyl with a padded inside, this fender cover is a must have for anyone that works on vehicles.  Even better would be to pick up two of these so they can cover both fenders and not have to worry about moving it from side to side.

For the low price, this fender cover gets very good reviews and is said to be as good or better as fender covers that cost twice as much or more.


Really very good 

I trusted the reviews when I made this purchase (which sometimes does not work as well as it should) and I agree with them. This fender cover is well made of good materials and is as thick and padded as you can expect for a price like this. Basically, it works and should last for quite a while, at a price far less than what other fender covers are going for (some of which apparently are nowhere near as good as these). It does not have magnets sewn in, but still clung well to the sides of my car so long as I kept at least 50% of it on *top* of the fender. It would be easy enough to duct tape a few magnets to it if you needed them. I ended up buying a second on so I can go from one side of the car to the other without having to move the cover.a

POWERBUILT Fender Cover 

At first i was not to sure to order this fender cover but i give it a try and let me tell you this item it’s nice and helps to protect your car paint and keeps the tools in place and easy to find them. The item it’s not like the expensive fender cover out there but it does the job and if you need it for easy jobs oil change and other easy jobs you have no problem it’s easy to fold and put away for the next job im for sure to order a couple more they make a great gift as well over all i highly recommended for the price it’s a great deal.

Great quality 

I bought these thinking they were going to be of cheap quality but when they finally I was very happy with my purchase, they weren’t cheap at all the material underneath was soft which would sit nicely on the vehicle and the outer material was a somewhat soft material but seems to be quite durable.

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