Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

5 LED ball cap visor light

5 LED ball cap visor lightThis LED Ball Cap Visor Light makes a perfect gift for tons of reasons.  A tradesperson like electrician or plumber could use this to easily see hands-free in dark areas.  A mechanic that needs to do an emergency repair on a car at night can do so without trying to hold a flashlight in their mouth.  The possibilities are endless.

This visor light clips firmly onto the brim of any ballcap.  It features a four way switch allowing the following functions:  single light or three lights for energy savings.  All five lights for full brightness.  Blinking five lights for safety.

Powered by two CR2032 coin batteries (included), this light is very energy efficient since it is led.  Extra batteries can be picked up inexpensively at your local dollar store.


Very cool light for deployments! 

First rate product and works as advertised. The 5 lights light up as one, two, three, or all 5 on at the same time and there’s a flashing mode where all 5 flash on and off (flashing mode could come in handy I suppose). The light functions are all thru a single easy to find button. It clips on to your ball cap very tight n secure , even when one of the two clips broke off (my fault) it still stayed on tight as ever.

The lights themselves are not as bright as a hand held flashlight, by any means, but WOW it is convenient as a hands-free light source when I am rummaging thru my things in a dark tent or trying to do some repair work. I’ve used it here in Afghanistan while walking in pitch black darkness, taking apart electronics, finding stuff in hard to reach places and I’ve really enjoyed it… Especially for the CHEAP price.


This a great light that performs as it features with the product details: Ultra Bright 5-LED Light Heat Provides Focused Illumination, Lightweight, Contoured Housing Fits and Clips Securely to Ball Cap Visor , Four Stage Power Switch: Operates 1 or 3 LEDs (Power Saving), 5 LEDs (Max Illumination), and 5 LEDs Flashing (Safety), Uses Two CR 2032 Coin Cell Batteries (Included).

I bought this because I am a Security Officer and I needed a small hands free cap light to be use to check on a list of guests for the events that I work on as sometimes the checking of the list gets done at a bit dark places with less light as we work at outside ranches where they schedule these events such weddings, birthday parties, sweet 16 n more.

Concluding this mini light is a must to own, I am very satisfied with itss performance and features and the batteries are very cheap that you can find everywhere online, here at Amazon or other sites as well as at the 99 cent Store which they work very well and last long.

Great Product 

Far superior to any I have previously ordered. I like how you can use one light, 3 lights, or all 5. Also flashes. Batteries (included) were easy to install, unlike some of the others I purchased. I think the two hooks that attach to the hat could be a little sturdier, but I don’t see it being a problem unless you are constantly taking it on and off. I will be ordering more.

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