Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Magnetic Wristband for HandymanTradesmen, DIY’ers and hobbyist will love this magnetic wristband.

The concept is so simple yet overlooked for so long.  Standing on a ladder, holding a drill in the air, only to realize you don’t have any screws.  Or holding dirty stinky screws in your mouth.  With the Magnogrip magnetic wristband, your screws, screw bits, pruning shears or whatever metal you need to take with you will always be there within your easy reach.

Sadly, contrary to popular belief, these wristbands are not designed to allow you to climb tall metal structures.  Leave that crap to the superheroes.


Sometimes simple ideas are the best 

I am a tool guy. I am all about any tool that makes life easier, a job go faster, improves quality, or makes work more comfortable. This simple tool is one that I have found to be very convenient.

First let me say that I have the expensive Load bearing web gear that will carry large amounts of tools and material for doing things like framing or roofing. Obviously if you are going to need to carry 5 pounds of roofing nails onto the roof, along with your nail gun, tape measure, and hammer, this thing will not cut it, nor is it intended for that. What this does is make small things a lot simpler and more comfortable.

I hate wearing all that framing gear if I don’t have to. Especially in the heat, I avoid wearing the gear most of the time. Fortunately these days I don’t need to wear the big rigs most of the time, and even when they might help, I avoid them if at all possible. But there are plenty of times when I need just a few screws or nails to do something small where this comes in very handy. For example, if I have to go behind someone else and correct their work doing quality control, or if I am doing something that requires frequent trips up and down a ladder. There are plenty of times where it is actually only necessary to carry small quantities of screws or nails at a time, or even easier just to reload the band frequently rather than carry more. That is where this thing excels. It has just enough capacity to carry enough screws to say, screw in one 4×8 sheet of plywood or drywall. This is often all you really need at one time. For example. If you are making frequent cuts before installing panels this can be handy


I bought this for my dad for Christmas a few years back. He was skeptical at first if 1) it would work and 2) if he would ever actually use it. He was pleasantly surprised on both accounts. He said he doesn’t know how he lived without this product for so long. It’s perfect for climbing up ladders or anytime you need two hands and need to carry something. No more nails in between your teeth!

I definitely recommend this for any gadget-loving, do-it-yourselfer!

Like having an extra hand 

The Magnetic Wristband is very handy to hold screws, nuts and bolts, washers, bits and just about anything made from iron or steel. It is not too large to be cumbersome on your wrist and can be strapped on with one hand (though it might take some practice). You can load up with several screws on the wristband and worry about going back and forth to the box for more. The magnets are plenty strong.

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