Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

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The Scout’s motto: be prepared.And with this nimble collapsible shot glass, you can be prepared for whatever liquid emergency you may have.

Everyone’s favorite Star Wars robot is now here to keep your favorite beverage cool.Every Star Wars fan would love to own this R2 D2 can koozie. For sure, ...

We all know a bear sh*ts in the woods.But we as humans evolved and have learnt to do our number two in the comfort of a climate controlled room, behind ...

If you are like the majority of adults in this world, you need your morning caffeine fix just to get moving. That is exactly what this caffeinated soap will do.

Of all the weird gag gifts I’ve seen lately, this flying screaming monkey is near the top of the list for uniqueness.

Getting the afternoon head bobs from the heat in your office? Cool down with this mini desktop fan powered from a USB port on your computer.

Here is a nice little 7 port USB hub for a great price. Shop around at your local electronic retailer and you are sure to pay triple or more for a similar ...

This USB webcam is not going to put GoPro out of business anytime soon, but a webcam with these features for under ten dollars is an amazing bargain.

These are cool. Little LED lights with changeable colors that screw onto the valve stem of any tire such as a bicycle, motorcyle or even a car.

An awesome price for a fierce six button optical gaming mouse. While we call it a gaming mouse, it can of course be used for all your ‘mousy’ needs. It is ...

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