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Caffeine Soap

Caffeinated Soap

If you are like the majority of adults in this world, you need your morning caffeine fix just to get moving. That is exactly what this caffeinated soap will do.

Life sucks, get over it.  And with this caffeinated soap you can.  That’s right, this soap is infused with caffeine to give your body that extra jump start it needs in the morning.  Did you know that caffeine can be absorbed directly through the skin?  Well I didn’t either but the government probably did a big expensive study to figure this out and then someone got the <great??>idea to make a soap and add caffeine.

I think this is a better idea than injecting caffeine directly into the bloodstream.  And way more fun.  Now if they’d just make the Weener Kleener soap with caffeine, you could really wake up!


Dr. Who 

I think this would be great with a Tardis shower curtain!!!

Works Great! 

Works great, gets me up in the morning, no crash! Most cost affective way to get caffeine in the morning! Light mint scent, not overpowering.

The military loves it… 

I’m in the military and work 12+ hr shifts, this soap is FRIGGIN AMAZING! I’m wide awake the entire time and I feel great. ive saved so much money switching from energy drinks and caffeine pills to just taking awesome caffeinated showers. ABSOLUTELY LOVES THIS! heart emoticon

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