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How to Shit in the Woods

** Updated 3rd Edition **

We all know a bear sh*ts in the woods.

But we as humans evolved and have learnt to do our number two in the comfort of a climate controlled room, behind locked doors.

But if you are in the nature and nature calls, whattya gonna do?  If you’ve forgotten the many details required to relieve yourself in the great outdoors, then this is the book for you.  This book will take you step by step through what you need to do to poo in the woods.

A spellbinding and riveting tale, comprised of 128 pages of fact-filled information of all you need to know about baring your butt to the breeze (or how to shield your butt from the breeze).  For the avid outdoor enthusiast, this book is a must read.  For others, this would be a fun book to just toss on the coffee table before the in-laws come over just to see the look on their face


Finally … a great help for the novice woodsman

Few experiences do more to mar the outdoorsy afternoon or the 8 day backpack trek than stepping over a log and discovering your expensive waffle-stompers are filled with the leavings of another hiker. The problem is as old as mankind. At least, it’s as old as mankind after he began noticing what was between his toes.

The Bible addressed the problem, probably in the first surviving form, by demanding that people walk away from others with a spear or spade, dig a hole, and cover it. That method works well where the traffic is light. It works less well on heavily traveled forest trails.

Meyer offers 102 pages of suggestions, anecdotes and solutions for novices who want to experience the woods, don’t want to create a problem, recognize it’s a necessary body function and must be addressed.

I’d recommend it for everyone who plans a trip into the outdoors and isn’t already familiar with how to deal with the function in a way that’s not objectionable to those who follow. I’d make it required reading for those who go to the areas I’m likely to visit.


I love the humorous, down to earth way this subject is approached. Originally I bought this book because the title and the picture on the cover made me chuckle. I’ve had it in my possession for at least five years. Then a little over a week ago, I decided to read it. To my surprise, I learned that this is a serious book with important information to help a would be hiker stay healthy and leave the environment no worse for the wear. Wish I’d had this book years ago before I started trekking around in the wilds. I found this book fast paced and full of vital information. Though I’m a grandma, this book made me feel like I was receiving counsel from an older wiser grandma imparting to me the secrets of how to take care of the intimate processes of life when venturing away from the accoutrements of running water and the other trappings of civilization. I recommend this book to all who like hiking, camping and otherwise messing around in the great outdoors.

A Great Gift for New Scouting Professionals 

This is one book that always manages to turn up at Scouting Events, Wood Badge Courses, etc. Once you get past the laughs & shock value of the title, the reader will find some common sense tips on being environmentally friendly in the outdoors.
At Camporees we always put this book in our latrine as many of our scouts like to read while doing their “duty.” (Hey, it promotes Reading Merit Badge!).
My favorite use of this book is to recognize new District Executives and other Scouting Professionals by presenting this book to them at various Scouting events, usually right after they first land a job in our district (seems like we are getting new D.E.’s all the time) or saying thanks to Scouters in our district.

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