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Liquid AssIf you know or love pranking, then you likely know about Liquid Ass.  This is the primo pranking product ever made.

I love watching Youtube prank videos, and have seen this stuff used in many of them.  While I have not yet had the opportunity to smell this stuff in real life, it is clear from the videos that this stuff smells like it’s name.  Nasty.

Perfect purchase if you want to prank someone, or a great gift for someone you know and love as a prankster.  Just make them sign a legal document before giving this as a gift that it won’t be used on you.  You will thank me later.

If you’re still not convinced on Liquid Ass, you owe it to yourself to read the reviews below.


The quintessential fart prank! 

My bottle of liquid ass arrived in the mail the other day. I wanted to try it at home before unleashing it at work. Entering the kitchen, I sprayed one tiny little “poof” and waited. Within one minute, the kitchen smelled as if an entire college football offensive line had overdone it at the taco stand the previous night.

It was so bad that the cat came into the kitchen and was scraping the bare tile floor with his paw as if he was trying to cover up a huge invisible turd! I’ve owned other fart sprays that didn’t quite smell “right”. But Liquid Ass really smells like the real deal.

One word of advice: This is best used in a room with more than 3 people. Crowded dance floors at weddings is ideal! For maximum enjoyment, do not overdo it. Only the worst of genuine human farts are capable of clearing a room. This stuff is extremely powerful so use sparingly to preserve realism. Also, do not let ANYONE know that you have this stuff. As soon as they find out, the fun is over.

Have fun!

This spray magically cleaned my house!!!!

This stuff litterally smells like ass. Bad Ass. Horrible Ass. You need to go to the doctor Ass. Tried it out last night on my boyfriend. Here is a summary of my night:
5pm: Boyfriend on laptop in livingroom. He had been there for hours, so I decided it was time for him to get up.
5:05pm: Sprayed Liquid Ass three times on a sweater in the other room, then nonchalantly dropped it in the livingroom, about ten feet away from the boyfriend,
5:06pm: Boyfriend asks if I forgot to turn the bathroom fan on.
5:08pm: Boyfriend comments on how stinky the cats poop is.
5:15pm: Boyfriend, with his shirt covering his nose, scoops all three cat boxes in hopes of eliminating the wretched stench.
5:45pm: Boyfriend goes on a mad hunt, insisting that the cats must have crapped somewhere in the house. By this time, the smell has engulfed the appartment (a small two bedroom.) He picks up every piece of laundry on the floor, throws the bathroom mats in the washing machine and finds a face mask and gloves to put on. (I am a nurse and keep some supplies at home.)
6:25pm: Boyfriend becomes convinced the cats must have stepped in poo and tracked it all over the house. After smelling all four of the cats, he decides the cats must have cleaned themselves by now, At this point, after seeing all of the good this spray had done, I sprayed it thrice more; once in each bedroom and once in the livingroom.
6:30pm: Boyfriend sweeps and mops all of the tiled floors, sprinkles baking soda over the carpet and vacuums the entire place. Durring this time, I make sure my bottle is hidden really well. I can’t afford to get caught on this one.
7:30pm: Boyfriend becomes convinced there must be spoiled food somewhere. He takes out the trash and loads the dishwasher.
11pm: While finishing up the laundry, Boyfriend discovered the sweater. He decides the cat must have wiped his paws on it and says we need to make an appointment with the vet because the smell is concerning.

I will be using this spray about once a month for the rest of my life. Thank you, Liquid Ass. Thank you.

Bad enough to make the Honey Badger barf 

Liquid Genius is more like it. This is like a 1000 ft. elephant just ate a mountain of cat poop and now has gas. Every time you push the sprayer you summon the Ass Genie. A single squirt is the equivalant to approximately 20 very full litter boxes. 3 squirts and you are flirting with a trailer park full of cat bung and turd-possums. Liquid Ass would make the Honey Badger turn away and barf. Oh Honey Badger cares… crazy little F. Let him chew the cap off of this bottle. He would GLADY get bit by a cobra or stung by bees rather than whiff this asstastic blend of foulness.

Some observations….

The smell:
– cat poop. Lots and lots of cat poop. Barf and cat poop. Death, barf, and cat poop. Hot dead possum, cat poop, barf, and fat sweaty clown ass. Just think of the most rank think you’ve ever smelled… now multiply it by a dozen. I have NEVER smelled a fart anything close to this nasty. I would take a bare-ass fart to the face a hundred times rather than a passing drift of Liquid Ass.

The taste:
– By way of very unfortunate backdraft outside I caught a full spray in the face. Queue immediate puke. I was horrified. Lava soap to the face horrified. I literally used almost half a tube of toothpaste. It is possible that the mental factor also kicked in and helped drive my disgust. Seriously folks… I was scared.

The reactions:
– 3 squirts in the restroom at work. They called the cleaning crew in.
– 1 squirt in an elevator. They shut the elevator down and left it in the lobby with the door open.
– 2 squirts in the kitchen at work (75ish people on floor). Ghost Town baby. They walk in and run out – Questions about why it smells like cat poop are abound. Microwaves and refridgerators cleaned.
– Night shift – nailed the cleaning guy. Hit the handle on his trash cart, multiple hits inside the can and outside the can. The dude barfed… said he was lightheaded… then blamed it on somebody who left a pair of sneakers in their cube. A squirt of LA inside said shoes confirmed this for the cleaning guy who forever hates the sneaker owner.
– Guy parked on my friend’s lawn to go boating. Truck was hit with about 10 squirts. The end result was what seemed like an acre sized litter box. Neighbors complained. Lawn parker never returned… ever.

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