Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

gelling prankI want this sooooo bad!

Pour this into someone’s drink when they are not looking and almost instantly it will turn it into gel.  Imagine the looks people will make when they tip their glass only to find nothing pours out.  The only thing left for you to do is try to keep your cool and hopefully video the whole incident (and send us a copy please!).

If you or someone you know loves pranks, this one is for sure a no brainer.  I plan on getting a bottle or two of this and trying it on my wife when we are at a restaurant.  I plan on trying to keep as straight a face as possible and getting both her and the server freaked out.  She will undoubtedly smack me about when she finds out but it will be so worth it.




This stuff is SOOO COOL! its a blast at party’s, lunches, anywhere! It gels up instantly so there is no need to worry about being caught in the act. Just one of these things can gel up a lot of liquid. I put it in my friends large soda and we were able to tilt the drink upside down without anything falling! But buy a lot (6-12), because they are only one use, but wen you do use them, you WILL want more.

This is pretty cool stuff 

I should of bought more because it actually does work. I think you’d have to use about 3/4 of a container of this on a full water bottle, so make sure your victims drink up first! It makes water look almost like a gooey slush. I put some in some milk, boy is it ever nasty. When buying this product I’d recommend buying at least about 6 containers. It’s fun to experiment with, plus you gotta have a bunch left over to prank your friends!

it actually works! 

I bought this because I love gags! this worked very well, I didnt even need to use the whole bottle! just a little does the job
! works very very fast! it was great, would buy again!

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