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Fake Parking Tickets

fake parking ticketsEveryone on this green earth has seen a person that parks like a douchebag. These Fake Parking Tickets are one tiny step to reduce the douchebag population.

Most of us just shake our heads and mutter or swear under our breath, but admit it, there are times you’d like to do a little more.  I know I’ve personally had daydreams about keying some a**holes car, but maybe that’s just me.  Probably not.

Grab a set of these fake parking tickets and tell them like you mean it.  And just maybe you’ll be teaching them to fix the error of their ways. Nah.  Chances are they’ll continue to park like a dick but you will at least have had the satisfaction of letting them know that polite society does not condone their behavior.

With citations like “Mentally handicapped driver”, “Taking up two spaces (jerk)”, or “Too stupid to drive a car”, you are sure to offend the recipient.  Which after all, was the intention all along.


Funny stuff 

Great product, the bright orange color mimics many other real parking violation notices, so your victim gets that “sinking feeling” as he approaches his car, only to find that someone was playing a joke on him. Good solid card stock, printing is dark and legible, not sloppy or streaky.

The beauty of it is that when you do this, that “sinking feeling” really make someone stop and reconsider what he has done. They think, “if someone was to go through all this trouble to make a statement to me, I might do well to review my own behavior.”

Looks like current generation tickets 

Most joke parking tickets are outdated and resemble the little paper issued 30+ years ago. These look like real modern tickets and will be convincing enough upon discovery to have the appropriate shock value–while still being worded clearly enough so that upon reading the recipient realizes they have not been issued areal ticket


I got this for Christmas for my sisters boyfriend he is so looking forward to pranking people with this, it actully look real.

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