Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

LED ShoelacesFor the person that has everything.  Or the person that has a pair of sneakers but doesn’t have light up LED shoelaces.

Fun gift for anyone that wants to stand out.  Going to a rave?  This is a great accessory.  Kids and adults alike love this cool gadget.

Have them solid color, flashing or double flashing.  Long-lasting battery powered.  And yes, batteries ARE included!

Come in many colors including blue, pink, green, red and yellow.


Exactly what I needed! 

These were perfect for what I needed them for & the price isn’t bad either. They laced up great in my high top sneakers so they should accommodate most shoes. They glow pretty bright in the dark too. The only thing I would complain about is that at times the laces would disconnect from the little battery light pack, which obviously would cause the shoes to stop glowing on whichever side it disconnected on. Not too big of a deal & it can easily be put back in, but a little bit annoying at times. I think maybe just a little dab of crazy glue might do the trick, especially if you’re planning on a lot of movement. So maybe a sturdier lock for the laces could be in order, otherwise they work as described & work well.

Glowing shoelaces! 

What else can I say? These shoelaces work and they are awesome, especially for the price. Basically it’s this plastic object (which looks sort of cheesy but in a dark environment where you’re supposed to wear these, you wouldn’t even notice them) attached to a flexible sort of fiber optic cable. It takes awhile to lace your shoe but once you get them up they look amazing. Make sure to use the other holes (you will see what I mean) in the plastic thing to make a loop because there is only one cable per shoe so you have to lace the entire shoe with only one cable (no worries, the cable is long enough). It’s not that bright when lights are around but when it’s dark the lights are really noticeable. They’re shoelaces and they glow. What more can I ask for?

Five Stars 

Loved these laces perfect for shoes thanks

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