Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

LED Sensor light

Perfect as a night light, under counter lighting, mood lighting and more.  This LED Sensor light contains 10 LED’s and is bright enough to light a small area such as a hallway, closet or shed.

The LED light has 3 settings: ON, OFF or AUTO.  In auto, the light will turn on when motion is detected, making a perfect night light or security item.

The light is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) and since it uses low power LEDs, will run for many hours on a single set of batteries.


Works well in our dark hallway 

I was skeptical after getting a couple of other “motion sensor pucks” that didnt trip unless you were right under them (dragon light). This one is up in our hallway and lights up the area adequately for walking through and finding things in the near closet. Planning on getting two more for the other dark recesses in our hallway.
Pros: kids will trip the light even though it’s on the ceiling – even the dogs will trip it. Provides enough light to see, even into the nearby closet.
Cons: Blue color. They’ve got “natural” colored led’s, why they don’t install them into these products remains a mystery.

I love these lights 

I love these lights. The only problem I have is that my dog loves them too. She thinks it is really neat that she is now able to turn the lights on herself and has been caught purposely walking by them and waiting for them to turn off so she can do it again. She now thinks she has elevated to human status!

Are good on batteries and…. 

I use these in my closets. One of the ones I had for 9 years fell a few weeks ago and cracked, so I ordered another 2 pack. They are affordable, last forever, are good on batteries and light up my closet without being disturbing to others in the wee hours of the morning.

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