Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Color Changing LED light with remote

Color Changing LED light with remoteThis Color Changing LED light with remote will screw into any normal lightbulb socket and transform your room into a colorful delight.

You can choose one of the sixteen colors, or have the light automatically change between them or even have it strobe.  There are four modes in all.

These lights are very energy efficient at only 3 watts.  Don’t expect them to replace your normal home lighting – 3 watts in LED would be equivalent to about a 25 watt normal incandescent light bulb.  These are meant for mood or occasion or seasonal lighting.  Or great for a kids room.

Did I mention that each bulb comes with it’s own remote control?  How cool is that?


Fun and Information

We installed this in our guest 1/2 bath downstairs. It’s fun to hear the astonishment of guests behind closed doors as the sink lights up with blue and red lit water. What’s even more interesting is when the guest says nothing. If they’re young enough we tell them to go back and wash their hands, if older, we just don’t offer to shake their hands.

Interesting Twist on Lighting

it’s a pretty neat little kitchen add on, but the only thing i want to point out is that it does change the actual pressure of your water flow. we used to have a connection that ‘gushed’ the water out and now with this attachment, it’s more of a ‘flow.’

not a biggie though, you can always add a finer ‘mesh’ attachment and get it back to how it was ????

great for kids who aren’t careful enough about putting their hands in water!

Five Stars

we like fun gadgets and we love this. Works real well been very happy with it.

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