Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

mystical fireDrop one or two of these packs of Mystical Fire into your campfire or fireplace and sit back and enjoy the beautiful rainbow of colors.  These are safe to use in any fire – indoors or outdoors, big or small.

Blues, red, green, purple and yellow flames will appear for around 30 minutes or more.  Like sitting around a campfire wasn’t fun already, the mystical fire makes it even more enjoyable.

NOTE: Price is for a pack of two


Good effect – long lasting 

Bought a package of two packs for a camping trip this weekend. Used them one at a time; the colors are very pretty – particularly the blues/greens/and purples. Using just one packet on a medium sized fire we got a nice spray of color continuously for quite a while [not sure the specifics as we were on “camping time” ???? but people who had used similar products were impressed with the duration]. The color stays localized to where the packet is dropped so don’t expect it to change the color of a full fire, but the pillar of colors licking up around the logs and such is mesmerizing.

No freaky deaky smoke or weird chemical smells either.

Beautiful colors! 

I was wondering how long this would last. It was going strong for approximately 45 minutes but was still noticeable for double that time. I would guess that the size of your fire pit (mine is small) would change these results. I just need to buy more!

Better than expected 

Lasted a very long time and had great colors. Was a big hit!

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