Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Pepper Spray KeychainThis pepper spray keychain is the perfect gift for anyone you want to keep safe.  The unit can shoot a stream of pepper spray at high velocity up to ten feet (3 meters).  The high velocity of the stream ensures minimal blowback in even the strongest winds.

The spray gun is easily accessible, making it the perfect unit to use in emergency situations.  It also contains enough pepper spray for up to 25 shots – up to 5 times more than similar models.

The pepper spray also includes a UV dye in the formula which can aid the police in the identification of suspects.

Let’s hope that you or a loved one never have to use this pepper spray keychain in an emergency situation, but if you do, rest assured that this is one of the best units available for safety.


Great Spray 

This model is pretty compact and good for personal carry as it can be easily concealed. Sabre is a reputable company and you definitely want to buy personal defense products from a well known company. It would not be nice to buy that cheap spray only to find out when you use it that its effectiveness is sub-par. There are several good videos of Sabre pepper spray in action on Youtube and I would recommend viewing them and deciding for yourself.

This bottle also comes with a detachable key ring mount that seems to be of good quality and has a quick release button to separate the two rings. I gave it several good strong pulls and it didn’t give at all, but comes apart very easily by pushing the detach button. The button is recessed enough that it would be hard for it to get depressed by accident.

Safe and Sound 

Our friend that works in law enforcement recommended this particular brand of pepper spray. It’s compact, easy to use and fits nicely on my key ring. I feel better knowing I’m not totally defenseless when I’m out hiking or on a run alone. This doesn’t take the place of common sense or basic self defense. It does work in conjunction with those things and is another tool to help ensure I come home to my family safe and sound.

Safe Senior 

I feel more secure carrying this while out and I keep it on nite stand at nite just in case. I’m a senior woman alone my brother was worried about my safety and said he got his girlfriend one and wanted to get me one.

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