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Put Me Down Toilet Seat Reminder -60%
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Put Me Down Toilet Seat Reminder

Men will be men.  But there is a remote chance that installing this vinyl 'Put Me Down' Sticker will remind them to actually put down the toilet seat when they are done.  The keyword in that sentence is REMOTE.  But what the heck, for the price it's worth a shot. Made from high quality vinyl, this sticker ...

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Caffeinated Soap
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Caffeinated Soap

If you are like the majority of adults in this world, you need your morning caffeine fix just to get moving. That is exactly what this caffeinated soap will do.

Banana / Sausage Slicer -50%
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Banana / Sausage Slicer

Here’s another banana slicer. One might think we are obsessed with these. That’s for me and my therapist to know.

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LED colored shower head -36%
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LED colored shower head

A seven color LED lighted shower head. For under ten dollars. Wow. Don’t expect the highest of quality for this price, but what a neat item and great value.

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LED Faucet Light
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LED Faucet Light

Here is a temperature sensitive faucet light. Simply screw it on to your existing tap, and as soon as you turn on the water, the leds light up as blue (cold water) or red (hot water). How neat is that? It truly serves no purpose in life, but does it really have to?

Weener Kleener soap -18%
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Weener Kleener soap

It's mine and I'll wash it as much as I want. Said anyone with this awesome soap. Great gag gift for many occasions! Know someone newly single or someone you would just like to embarrass the heck out of in front of all your friends?

$9.99 $11.99 Buy it Now
Waterproof Notepad -33%
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Waterproof Notepad

Some people like to sing in the shower. Some people like to pee in the shower. Some people don’t like to be alone in the shower. And then there are the shower thinkers…..

$8.95 $12.99 Buy it Now
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