Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Waterproof Notepad

Waterproof NotepadSome people like to sing in the shower.  Some people like to pee in the shower.  Some people don’t like to be alone in the shower.  And then there are the shower thinkers…..

Relaxing under a warm torrent of rushing water brings out different things in different people.  And for some, brainstorming is their thing.  But an eidetic memory like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory may not be in their genetic mix, so for those shower geniuses we present the waterproof notepad.

Whether your brainstorm is a solution to that quadratic equation you’ve been puzzling over or jotting down your grocery list, this shower notepad is a no brainer.



I’m a writer and frequently have ideas in the shower. I use these all the time and they’re perfect! I haven’t tried submerging them completely in water but they hang in my shower where it gets very moist and the pad gets splashed occasionally and they work perfectly. The one thing I suggest is waiting until you and your notes have dried a bit before pulling pages off the pad.

Finally, a Solution for Shower-Thinkers 
This product does exactly what it claims to do. Which in and of itself is special, but what it does is so cool to boot.

I’m an aspiring writer and I like to record ideas for potential use later. But my best ideas only come when I can’t do anything about it: driving or in the shower. Driving was easy. I bought a digital voice recorder. But those don’t work well under water. Trust me, I know from experience.

Then I saw AquaNotes and ordered some immediately. Now there are many mornings when I’ll take an extra few minutes in the shower because I’m too busy writing notes to rinse the soap off myself.

The only complaint I have at all is that the notes are slightly difficult to rip off the pad. But it’s something I can live with for the added convenience of finally having a way to write in the shower.

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