Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

LED colored shower head

Led Shower HeadA seven color LED colored shower head.  For under ten dollars.  Wow.

Don’t expect the highest of quality for this price, but what a neat item and great value.

The shower head doesn’t even use batteries – it uses the force of the water to power the LED lights so there is nothing to replace and it only runs when the shower is on.  The lights change color about every 3 – 5 seconds, cycling through all the colors.


Shower Fun 

I’m always a fan of trying little $5-10 gadgets. When I purchase a shower head for $10, I honestly don’t expect this to last years or have multiple spray settings or even be a “quality” product. When I see people who complain saying it was “the worst $10 I have ever spent!” It drives me nuts. People…you can’t buy a BMW for the price of a KIA.

Now, for the product review.

This came packaged nicely in an Amazon box, then in a smaller product box. Nicely wrapped in bubble. The actual head it’s self is a white plastic, with a clear “head” that has the LED’s and a standard spray pattern. As many people can’t understand, IT IS JUST THE HEAD. It needs a removable hand washer type.

The head does have a cheap plastic feel to it, its very lightweight and the threads are of course, plastic. You have to be very gentle when tightening to the hand hose or whatever you are using. Too much can easily strip them. No leaks for me though.

The lighting of the LED’s is pretty cool, depending on the shower type you have it can light up quit a bit. Now for the big question. How does it work?!? Some people think its batteries, some think its solar? No, this works by a very small, plastic turbine that when water flows through it, produces a very very tiny voltage to power the LED’s. Now what does that mean? It means that it has a very slight hum to it. If your looking for it, you can notice it but to me I can barely hear it over the sound of the shower and water itself.

The light’s are of course your primary’s; reds, greens, blues. On the once I received there is about 6 LED’s and they don’t always change in sync. Sometimes half are blue when the other half is red etc.

Very Cool.. Worth the price. 

Very surprised with the water output. The lights are bright and hydropowered, so you dont need batteries. The package contains just the shower head, so you’ll need to buy the hose and mounting bracket if you don’t have that already.. if you do, just unscrew the old and on with the new! Put on your techno and invite your loved one in for an awesome shower experience! Oh and don’t buy this if your prone to epilepsy.. the lights flash 7 different colors quite rapidly. I’ve yet to have it stay a solid color, but that is fine with me.

Nice light up shower head 

We just received our shower head and it works really well!! We are not having the “strobe light” effect that was reported by the other video review; our unit takes several seconds to change colors. Perhaps there is some variability between units.

One important warning: this shower head is made to attach to a *hose*, like for a hand-held shower head, and is not meant to attach to the pipe coming out of the wall. The hose is not included, and so you will need to get a hose; or else, like us, get a hose with hand-held shower head and replace the shower head.

We just installed it, so no word yet on durability, but for the price, you can’t go wrong.

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