Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Weener Kleener SoapIt’s mine and I’ll wash it as much as I want.  Said anyone with this awesome soap.

Great gag gift for many occasions!  Know someone newly single or someone you would just like to embarrass the heck out of in front of all your friends?

Whoever gets this gift will be sure to be showering a lot more!  Lather, rinse, repeat as long as wanted….


Great for teenagers

I couldn’t get my 16 year old son to take a shower without a lot of complaining. He wouldn’t bathe himself until someone complained and I had to force him. Since I bought a dozen Weener Kleeners, he’s taking six or seven showers a day! Only problem is that my water bill has gone up significantly. Great Product!

Vicious circle

This is a great product idea, but use with caution: The more you use it, the more there is to wash

Total hit!

This was my husband’s choice for a White Elephant exchange we were going to. It was the hit of the party. All the guys thought it was hilarious.

Thank you!

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