Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Cable Holder – Cord Organizer

How is it that cables and cords, all by themselves, can tangle up??

I swear these things wait until we aren’t looking and quietly wrap themselves together in a knot.  It’s a conspiracy worthy of it’s own segment on a TV show.

With these nifty cable organizers, you can now get rid of this knotty nightmare forever.

This 3 pack of cable clips each comes with 3 slots to hold any cable or cord from your computer, laptop, tv, etc.

If you haven’t had enough coffee yet, this set is enough to hold 9 cables firmly in place.

The great thing with these cable holders is that they don’t use glue or screws to hold them in place.  Instead, they neatly clip on to the edge of your desk or table.  Because of this, they are completely reusable.

Perfect for:

  • USB Cables
  • Mouse cables
  • HDMI cables
  • Headphone cords
  • Gaming consoles
  • Speaker wires

And many more.  You name it, these organizers can organize them.

These cable keepers come in a variety of cute colors, keeping your workspace not only clean and organized but pretty nice looking as well.

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