Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less


HDMI CablesHDMI Cables are one of those things we always need but rarely having kicking around.

The next time you want to hook a device up to your TV, don’t be left stranded without a decent HDMI cable or have to run to the big box retail store and pay a fortune.  Instead, pick up this pack of three cables and always have some on hand.

This pack comes with three cables, 3 feet long, plus a 90 degree adapter and two micro fiber cable ties to keep things neat and organized.  We all know how cables can quickly become a nightmare!



Good Quality

I was surprised with the quality of these cables given the price.  I have had no issues with them and they work fine. The included cable ties are a nice bonus.

They work

I’m not sure what to say about these except that they work.  They seem to be good quality and overall I’m happy with them.  Got two stashed away for when I need one.  Happy with the purchase.

Love the freebies!

This is the second set of these cables that I’ve bought.  In the description, they say you’ll get 3 cables, two ties and an angle adapter.  I also got a led flashlight and a micro fiber cleaning cloth.  Nice cables for under ten dollars and the bonus freebies makes this a great bargain.  Thanks!


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