Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Adjustable Tablet / eBook Holder Stand

Finally, an affordable tablet stand for virtually all tablets and eBook readers on the market.

This stand is highly portable as it folds up easily and neatly into a small package.  Small enough to fit in any bag or even your pocket.

This stand can be easily adjusted to limitless angles, so no matter your viewing angle or light source, you are ensured to have the optimum viewing angle.

Your device can be used in landscape or portrait mode by simply adjusting the stand.  This allows you to so much flexibility.  For instance, you can watch a movie in landscape mode and then switch to your kindle and read in portrait mode.

Have a case on your device?  No problem, this stand can be adjusted to fit with almost any case on any tablet, phone or ereader.

Phone users rejoice!  This stand is so adjustable, it can even be used with most phones.

Playing games on your device?  That is no problem either as this stand comes with a non-skid base, meaning your device won’t go sliding all over the place as you play.

For under $10, this tablet stand is the perfect purchase for anyone with a tablet or eBook reader.

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