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3 Port HDMI Switch

Having too many devices hooked up to your TV and not enough HDMI ports is becoming more and more common.

So what are your choices? Buying a new TV with more HDMI ports on it is a pretty expensive option to fix a simple problem.

Instead, you can use this easy hdmi splitter that uses just one hdmi port on your tv and allows you to connect up to 3 devices.  And all this for under ten dollars.  Much cheaper than a new TV and a heckuva lot easier than trying to crawl behind your tv and switch cables every time you want to use a different device.

This hdmi switch is a pretty simple one and doesn’t even require an external power source; all it’s power is obtained from the hdmi cables themselves.  Can’t get much easier than that.

Just plug the included pigtail cable on the unit into the hdmi port on your tv and connect your other devices to the other side of the device.

Pressing the button on the hdmi splitter allows you to quickly switch between the 3 devices connected to the unit.

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