Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Water bottle ice cube tray

Water Bottle Ice Cube TrayEnvironmentally friendly reusable water bottles are more and more popular as we realize how much harm disposable water bottles do to the environment.  But unless your water bottle has a large opening, it is hard or impossible to jam normal sized ice cubes into the bottle.

This dishwasher safe, 100% silicone ice cube ‘stick’ tray solves that problem by making long, slender ice cubes, easy to insert into any water bottle.  Or get creative in the kitchen and freeze juices or other liquids for a cool presentation on a hot summer day.

The tray can even be used for baking!


Multiple uses

I purchased this for my child’s school project. We needed something that could withstand oven heat. This was the perfect mold. We made rainbow crayons using this mold which came out perfect and just right in size for their little hands.

Use your ice tray for stability 

This is an excellent ice tray for water bottles, and if you only put half the water in it will work for store bought (narrow neck/disposable) bottles too! It is easy to get the ice out but is indeed floppy before it is frozen.

I am not that coordinated to carry it from the sink to the freezer without spilling so I put in on my regular ice tray (that is full of ice) and use it as a tray for stability. I haven’t noticed any silicone sheen, and when I need to chill a regular drink fast I use these because they melt quickly making my drink cold faster than a regular cube.

Long Ice Cubes for water bottles 

Love the long ice cube shapes that fit into water bottles. The silicon rubber mold is a little difficult to keep from spilling while placing in the freezer so I am using a small stiff piece of cardboard for support while freezing.

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