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Adjustable Measuring Cup

adjustable measuring cupI’m the first one to admit that I cannot cook.  Or bake.  Or be in a kitchen in general.  But I think if I had a cool gadget like this, I could easily be on the Food Network by this time next year.  Right?

Made popular by Alton Brown, this measuring cup is especially good for sticky stuff like honey or molasses but works equally as well for dry measuring.  The plunging action of the cup ensures you get the maximum ingredients into your dish.


Perfect for honey

Alton is a something of a hero to me, but I was using a version of this long before there was a food network or the internet. I ordered my first one of this type from a printed version of The Bakers Catalog (King Arthur Flour Company).

I can’t imagine using anything else to measure honey or other sticky ingredients. I also like it for thicker items like pumpkin or squash purees – the clear cylinder means you can make sure you don’t have air pockets and getting the product out is a snap. I also like it for measuring yogurt. I don’t use much shortening or solid butter, but this would be great for that too.

Beside how it preforms, I do like the fact that it’s easy to clean and it gets a work out in my kitchen!

While the max measure is one cup, I don’t care for the stability of the item for anything over 3/4 cup, but I don’t count that against the item too much. I think it just means I’ll have to buy the larger volume version too!

If it’s good enough for Alton… 

I bought this after watching Alton Brown use a similar model on “Good Eats.” Like him, I use it for sticky ingredients like honey, molasses or large quantities of mustard; the plunging action maximizes the amount that makes it into your mixing bowl or pan.

It’s easy to disassemble and clean, and doesn’t take up too much space in the cupboard.

Works well for most measuring needs 

I purchased this after seeing Alton Brown on “Good Eats” use one several times. It works well for dry goods and for thin liquids. It is a bit of a challenge with sticky thick substances, like peanut butter. You have to use one hand to keep pushing up on the bottom with, or else the peanut butter, butter, brown sugar, etc. pushes the bottom down as you pack it in and you don’t have an accurate measurement anymore. So I am moderately happy with it, but it is not everything I expected it to be.
Added note after using it for a while. I do like it for honey, peanut butter, other messy ingredients. I think there is a bit of a learning curve to using it, but I no longer have the problem with the bottom moving while I measure.

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