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Bacon BandagesSometimes we come across a product that is really cool (like this one) but then you have to sit back and think “what category do I put this thing in?”  Well, this is one of those.  I don’t think creating a whole new category just on bacon products is a good idea.  Unless of course, people start making more super cool bacon type products like this, then I might have to rethink the entire website.

If you are going to injure yourself anyways, you might as well do it with the style and flair that comes with any bacon type item.  Hopefully you are considerate enough to injure yourself in a location where everyone around you can enjoy the wonderful and fulfilling view of your bacon wrapped skin gash.

Cut your arm just before a night out on the town?  No problem!  Instead of a ghastly so-called flesh colored bandage, you can awe the crown with a slice of bacon firmly affixed to your forearm.  Talk about a conversation starter!


Bacon the most of it

Looking to add a little sizzle to your next flesh wound? Tired of the same boaring bandages?

Not to pork fun at an injury, but nothing strips the pain away like meating friends out dressed like this. “That’s sow wrong, George!” they squeal. But fat chance they let such a pig idea go. In fact, they often rip it off quickly–after giving me the cold shoulder.

Perhaps it’s time to climb out of this filthy pig pun. I can’t help it: I ham what I ham.

What can I say – it’s Bacon! 

What can one possibly say that isn’t self explanatory?

Just as it looks – Band-Aids that look like bacon.
Cool enough in it’s own right.

I’ve been sitting here just *waiting* to cut myself just so I can slap one of these bad boys on, to the envy of all friends and coworkers.
There’s no doubt that a slab of bacon will heal any wound.

Great bandages and are sure to make you smile 

These were too much fun for the bacon lover of the house. They showed up in the Christmas stocking and everyone got a great laugh about it… yet they are still getting used. What could be better than bacon?

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