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Mushroom night light

Mushroom Night Light Grab these adorable mushroom Led night lights for any child that is afraid of the dark.

This two pack of night lights are energy efficient, using around 30 cents/year to operate.  These night lights come with a built in light sensor so they only operate in the evening.  Easy to operate, just plug in to any wall outlet and you’re done.

Perfect for a kids bedroom, hallway, bathroom or anywhere that a small amount of light is needed at night.  Perfect gift for most any child or parents with a young one.



Not just for kids

I often get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and these night lights let me make it there without turning on the hallway light and disturbing my husband.  So they are not just for kids!  Great purchase for sure.

Cuter than I thought

I got these night lights for my daughter who is into fairies and princesses.  They seemed like a good fit and she really loves them.  They aren’t the best of quality but I didn’t expect much for the price.  But they are way cuter than I thought they would be.  The light sensors are great, they don’t run all day wasting electricity.

Super Fun!

I bought these for a friend’s baby shower and they went over really well.  She has already installed one in the nursery and she put the other one in the hallway so she can get to the baby without turning on all the lights.  It’s nice when you can buy a gift on a budget that is appreciated.  I’d give these more stars if I could.


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