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Light My Fire Mini fire starter survival tool

Light My Fire Mini fire starter survival toolYou or someone you know like roaming the great outdoors? Don’t get caught without a way to light a fire. With this tiny little Swedish made gizmo, you can create up to 3,000 fires.

Works when wet or dry, this fire starter will make a spark of 5,500 degrees fahrenheit. The spark is so bright it can even be used as an emergency signal. This unit even comes with a built in emergency whistle.


wonderful toys that actually work 

My family spends a significant amount of time “off road” (figuratively and literally.) The kids and I made a project of creating a “on the belt” Survival Kit. The fire aspect was an interesting learning experience.

Of all the “sparker” type setups, this was the ONLY one what worked with any ease or regularity (understanding that carrying a lighter was not the goal). Both kids (12 and 9) can, with any reasonable supervision, set up and light a fire (now we have fights to see who gets to light the wood burning stove at the ranch).

The product is cost effective, well shaped to the task and the striker is such that you can hold the striker stationary and pull the sparker across it. This along, make it stand heads above the rest of the field.

Light My fire Firesteel 

I love this thing, and keep it on my keys at all times, I’ve used it several times and it can really throw some sparks. Cotton balls go up quite fast, especially with a little petroleum jelly on them. Quickfire tinders catch quickly and so does char cloth. Just don’t be a dumbass and learn the hard way. Pull flint up while keeping the striker still, it will shower sparks down, and you won’t knock your tinder bundle all over the place… Also, make sure you have the correct side “up” like the striker has written on it. If you really work this thing, the flint rod sometimes comes out of the holder, no big deal, just jam it back in, or put a tiny drop of superglue on the rod end and push it in there.

Light my fire also has a Spork they make whick I keep in my backpack at all times, this thing scoops a lot of food and is easy to clean and packs very light. It’s really nice to have your own camp spoon/fork. Also, no searching for plastic ware for your cup o noodles at work! Very flat so doesn’t take up much room. Great products, I recommend these both.

Quality Product 

Thank you for such a reliable product. Outdoor survival gear must be rugged, reliable, and simple in function. This product certainly delivered.

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