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Emergency Food Rations

Emergency Food Rations

** NOTE ** Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the mindless moronic hoarders among us, items such as these Emergency Food Rations are likely out of stock.  Not to worry, karma will be catching up with the hoarders soon enough.

If lost or stranded in the wilderness, emergency food rations can be the difference between life and death while waiting for rescue.

This package of emergency food rations is approved by the US Coast Guard for five year shelf life under all conditions.

The rations pack contains 9 food bars, containing 3682 calories.  Three bars per day per person is sufficient to sustain life and health until help arrives.

For any avid outdoor enthusiast, this rations pack is a no brainer to be added to the backpack.  Weighing just 1.6 pounds and measuring 4.5 by 2.5 inches, the impact is minimal compared to the safety they can provide.  And they taste pretty darn good as well!


So far so good 

I was trying to find the best all around emergency food for my 3 day bag, and so sampling these was a must on the list. So far so good. The packaging is water/air tight, and is individually wrapped on the inside. The flavor is reminiscent of the crust from a no-bake cheese cake, barely even a wisp of coconut flavoring. The texture is about the same as a graham cracker crust as well, and the coconut inside is noticeable in tiny bits. Feels a bit on the greasy side, but since it’s meant to give you a long burn and satisfied feeling, that’s to be expected. I wouldn’t wanna eat these every day for a month, but I could live off of these for three days. Size is pretty compact, 4 3/4″ x 4 3/4″ x 2″. weight is 1.6 lbs. They called it “non-thirst provoking” and I’d agree, ate it 20 minutes ago, and not really any more or less thirsty then I was before I tried it.

The best brand I have tried so far. 

I ordered four different brands of emergency rations through amazon to sample and see which one I will buy more of. S.O.S. was by far the best in all aspects. Great packaging, By far the best tasting, Freshly made, etc. I will absolutely be buying a large quantity of this product. They were actually so good I’d almost eat them for a snack.

These taste pretty good, I actually cracked the first one open

These taste pretty good, I actually cracked the fist one open and shared bars with the family, and they all said they were pretty decent (not exactly snack food, but wouldn’t mind eating them any time I needed to). The dates on my bag were withing a couple months of being new, so they have their full life span left on them. These will store longer, and at higher temperatures than MRE’s do without going bad as quickly. I also have to say they are extremely small and light for being 3 days off emergency food, so consider that a benefit as well. As emergency food only, they’re 400 calories per bar X 3 bars per day X 3 days in a single white pouch, so only 1,200 calories per day, but they’re aimed at true emergencies where that can keep you going. Definitely not a substitute for your normal camp food or an MRE for a typical meal, just a long lasting backup that won’t be spoiled when you need to use it.

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