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Silly PuttyBefore the dawn of video games or the internet, kids played with toys.  And one of the coolest things to ever get was silly putty.  Did you grow up with Silly Putty?  No?  Well I feel sorry for you…

Silly Putty came into existence as a kids toy in the 1950’s and we have been enjoying it ever since.

Fun Silly Putty facts:

  • You can ‘copy’ pencil marks from paper with Silly Putty.  Better yet, in many newspapers you can copy the comic strip simply by flattening it and pressing hard.  Useless but fun.
  • Form it into a ball and it will bounce.  High!
  • Form it into certain shapes and it will float in water.  Other shapes will sink.
  • Silly Putty can be stretched into crazy long strings.
  • Hit Silly Putty with a hammer and it will keep it’s shape.  Press it lightly with a finger and it will change shape.  Hmmmmm.


Same great toy from my childhood!

I like something that endures the passage of time. It is the same as when I was a child. Requires no batteries, not internet connection, and no software upgrades. It bounces, it copies comics, it stretches… It may not be as exciting as a video game, but there is no violence, obscenity or nudity. Great as an alternative to A.D.D. inducing toys.

Silly Putty is the greatest! 
I love Silly Putty sooo much! It’s awesome, and I’m right now playing with it while I type this!!!It actually is not just a toy, but a stress reliever as you squeeze it. You can do anything with it, bounce it, squeeze it, and even pick up pencil marks with it! I just love it, and I think that even an adult would too!!!

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