Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

USB rechargeable windproof lighter

USB rechargeable windproof lighterIf you or someone you know is a smoker or simply needs to light something in heavy winds, then this is the gizmo for you.

Charges on your computer’s usb port, this lighter uses a heating element rather than a flame so is completely windproof.  So not to worry, if you are in the middle of a hurricane and need to like that cig you’re good to go.

Can also be used by outdoorsmen to light small items to get a fire started, regardless of the weather.   Great survival item.



I love it. 

This is the first truly windproof lighter I have ever owned. Others that claim to be go out in strong wind and don’t last very long. This one is simple and it works.

Good thing to have

It works better than I expected to, gave it to my partially blind friend and he loves it. Thinking of buying more.

I love this little device and will buy more 

This little device works perfectly. One single charge will last many lights. I have only charged it once since purchase and it is still going strong. I love this little device and will buy more. Best part is no need to waste money on lighter fluid or refills. Excellent product and the price is great too, I truly love this lighter as my favorite all time lighter.

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