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Wingman shot glass

wingman shot glassEnjoy a shot of your favorite liquid with the help of a friend.  The wingman shot glass is two shot glasses connected together.  You and your comrade can imbibe at the same time.  Great party gift!

Be warned – each shot is up to 2.75 ounces since the connecting bar fills with liquid too.  So this is not for the meek.  Serious drinkers only.  Come to think of it you must a hard core drinker be or know someone who is if you are bothering to read this gibberish.


5/5 would buy

This Wingman Shot Glass is great fun, if you’re looking to forge a friendship from the fires of co-drinking! This giant shot glass is made from sturdy plastic, making it a great time at parties for its ability to resist drunken blunders. It holds quite a large amount of any alcoholic beverage (i discovered on my first test with it, it’s about half of a tall boy beer).

Very fun

A lot of fun and shots are more like double shots. Also just a warning for short people like myself, do not attempt to take a shot with someone taller as you will get most of the shot.

Tons of fun

Great item.A must for adult parties.You must order two or more.I wish that I had ordered more.

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