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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ice cube tray

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ice cube trayWhether you are making ice, chocolate, jello or anything else you can imaging putting in this Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ice Cube Tray – you are guaranteed of getting the coolest and most realistic form of a Millennium Falcon you can find.

Made from food-grade silicone that is dishwasher, freezer and oven safe – any Star Wars fan cannot go wrong.  Combine this with the other forms we have listed on the site and have an uber Star Wars party, or just enjoy a battle in your whiskey glass.


Makes excellent chocolate mold 

I currently have this, Han in Carbonite, the X-Wing, and R2-D2. This is the best of the bunch. The cubes are large- I’ll take one large Falcon over four small R2 units, or six mini-Han Solos any day. The ice is easy to remove without breaking any of the protrusions, which I can’t say for the X-Wing or R2.


Ordered these a while back! Awesome molds, very easy to use. We used them to make candy favors for our wedding. We mixed white and grey candy melts to get a nice shade of grey. The Millennium Falcon candy were very detailed and everyone loved them.

So awesome 

Huge nerd, this thing is absolutely awesome. I use them for scotch, they are quite nerdy and look good. Also very robust

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