Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Android USB Type C/iPhone Portable Mini Fans

Looking for a portable mini fan that fits your newer Android phone or tablet?  Look no further…

This three pack of mini fans will fit any phone or tablet that has these types of connections:

  • USB Type C (newer Usb version)
  • Micro USB (older Usb version that plugs in in one direction only)
  • Lightning connector for iPhone/iPad models 5 and up.

In this pack, you will get three fans in pink, blue and green.  You might want to grab a few packs because all your friends that see you using it will want one and in no time you’ll have none left.

These fans will run up to five hours on a full charge, giving you plenty of cool time.

If you are looking for portable mini fans designed for iPhone/iPad only, check out our listing here

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