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Snowball MakerA perfect winter utensil for destroying your enemies.  This tool will let you make tons of snowballs perfectly and quickly.  A great way to stock up for the ‘mother of all snowball fights’

Great idea for:

  • The perfectionist in all of us:  Makes perfect, uniform snowballs.  No more having different sizes or shapes.
  • The ADD in all of us: Quickest way hands down to make snowballs.  Less chance of getting bored and losing interest.
  • Hint: This is also a great tool for making bath bombs!

With this nifty tool you will not only be the envy of your neighborhood, you will be feared. Guaranteed.


Makes great snowballs!

This simple tool does what it is intended to do: make snowballs to the right compactness. The snowballs were neither too soft that disintegrate when thrown; nor were the snowballs packed too tightly making dangerous iceballs. From toddlers to grownups, the tool is very easy to use. Plus, its bright red color makes it very easy to find in the snow.

I would recommend getting one for each child/snowball maker; it’s hard to call a “truce” in the middle of a snowball fight to borrow the snowball maker!

Great for making bath bombs 
I ordered this to make Bath Bombs. It is perfect for that. The size is about 2 inch diameter. The price was good. It would be hard to find in stores. It was interesting that the package it was shipped in was all Chinese. I saved the packaging just for the novelty of it.

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