Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

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Beer or Soda HolsterName your poison.  This six can beer or soda holster is a great gift for anyone that wants to keep their refreshments close and safe from harm.

Fits any normal can, this holster is easily adjustable to fit any waist size.  Made with a camouflage material to aid in hiding your stash of beverages.

Great for many occasions such as camping, tailgating, parties, the beach and more.

Ironically, this product is highly rated in the ‘sports & outdoor’ category on Amazon.  Who would have thought?


Sweet Belt for a Good Price 

I bought this belt for an army themed party at college and was more than happy with the result. Not only was it camo so it fit perfectly with the theme, but it also allowed me to carry six beers around with me wherever I went. Quite the amount of ammo if you ask me. The belt also fit well and didn’t feel like it was weighing me down. I would recommend this to anyone who is going to a similarly themed party or anyone who is down to drink lots of beer!

Gag gift for my father 

I bought this for my dad for his birthday in February and filled it with various single bottle brews that had any hunting related names and logos. He thought it was funny, but truth is even though it was intended as a gag I could still see him wearing this while riding the lawn mower. lol

Phenomenal for a red neck gift 

Surprisingly well made, beers fit well in the belt, the nylon is quality and the clasp seems durable. Looks more expensive than it is.

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