Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Pruning ShearsIf you are serious about lawn and garden maintenance, these pruning shears are a must.  Made from stainless steel, these shears will cut through almost anything effortlessly, up to 5/8 of an inch.

The shears have a coating on them to minimize gumming up from debris and sap.  If you’ve ever had cheap shears without this feature, you’ll know how frustrating it is to have to constantly stop to clean them.

These shears also come with a no questions asked return policy, so if by chance you don’t like them just send ’em back.



Great Shears

They are pruning shears so I don’t get too excited but they do what they were made to do and they do it very well.  I’ve cut through branches much bigger than they are rated for.  I don’t know if the wood I’m cutting is softer than normal but I have had no problem at all.

Don’t gum up

The last pair of shears I had gummed up constantly. Mind you, I’d had them for a number of years so I don’t know how these will stand up to the test of time but they are a lot easier to use than my old ones.  I let the husband use the old ones since they take a lot more strength to get through even small branches and twigs.  Definitely a good buy.

Super Sharp

I was surprised at how sharp and precise the blades were on these shears given the price.  I expected to be fighting some of the smaller trimmings but everything I’ve cut so far has been effortless.  I guess time will tell if they stand up.


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