Cool Stuff for around Ten Dollars or Less

Caffeine Gum Another great alternative to coffee and energy drinks – Military Energy Gum.

This pack comes with 2 packages each of 3 flavors – Spearmint, Cinnamon and Arctic Mint.

Each package contains 5 pieces so that’s a whopping 30 pieces of energy deliciousness.

Each stick contains 100mg of caffeine – just a bit more than the average cup of coffee.

Some people aren’t too keen on the flavors but I’m ok with them.  The flavors tend to be a bit strong but that’s more to mask the caffeine add than anything I would think.  All in all, a cool product at a great price.




Wow the flavors are strong!  I’ve gotten used to them, but I gave a stick to one of my coworkers and she spit it out immediately.  But they do what they are advertised to do so I can’t complain too much.  I’ll definitely buy them again.

Good jolt

I can’t have food or drink at work and I often get pretty drowsy after lunch so  I picked up this gum to give it a try.  It works great to keep me awake and alert.  I don’t like the cinnamon flavor but that’s just me I think.  I give those packs to a friend that likes them.

Great at work

Sometimes I get stuck on graveyard shift at work and that’s when I pull out the caffeine gum.  This stuff gives me that extra bit of energy I need to get through the night.  And it doesn’t seem to linger, I have no problem going to sleep after work.  No headaches either like I used to get sometimes when I had an energy drink.


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