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Caffeinated Mints

Caffeine MintsA great gift idea for anyone that likes an energy boost.  Safer and easier than energy drinks, these Caffeine mints are a perfect choice for a quick picker upper.

Each tin contains 20 mints and each mint contains 40mg of caffeine which is equal to about half a cup of coffee.

The mints have a nice wintergreen mint flavor – some people say it is a bit strong but personally I love the taste.  And sugar free to boot to save on calories!

You can also purchase these mints in quantity for bigger savings.



Great alternative to energy drinks

I used to drink a lot of different energy drinks to get a boost.  I work a lot of hours and am often dragging my butt before the end of my shift.  Now I just pop a couple of these mints and I’m good until the end of my shift.

Best mints ever

I wasn’t too sure on these mints but I figured I’d give them a try for the price.  I absolutely love them! I like the fact that they are fairly low caffeine dose so I can choose how much of a boost I want.  Sometimes if I’m just a little rundown I just take one.  If I’m really tired, I’ll suck on two or even three.  Definitely the best caffeine boost out there!

Bye bye coffee

When I quit smoking I also gave up coffee.  Big mistake.  I was always tired in the morning, I guess my body was used to it’s caffeine.  Now every morning I suck on one of these on my way to work and I feel perked up and ready to hit the day running.  And way cheaper than heading to the coffee shop every morning.


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Caffeinated Mints
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