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Fake Parking Tickets

Everyone on this green earth has seen a person that parks like a douchebag. These Fake Parking Tickets are one tiny step to reduce the douchebag population.

Liquid Ass

Liquid Ass

$9.52 $12.95

If you know or love pranking, then you likely know about Liquid Ass. This is the primo pranking product ever made.I love watching Youtube prank videos, ...

I love gay porn magnetic bumper sticker

This I love gay porn magnetic bumper sticker is a perfect prank or gag gift for the lovable homophobe in your life.

Gelling joke / prank

Gelling joke / prank

$3.65 $3.99

Pour this into someone’s drink when they are not looking and almost instantly it will turn it into gel. Imagine the looks people will make when they tip their ...

Mini Stealth Remote Control

At first glance, this may seem like just a really small remote. Well, I guess your first glance is right.But there are many things this tiny little remote ...

Car Exhaust Whistle prank

This car exhaust whistle is a fun little prank to try on someone. Insert this whistle into someone’s tailpipe and as soon as they give the car some gas, it ...

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